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Cloud & Web

The web is the defacto platform for content that must reach the masses. Whether you're looking to engage customers with a brand or provide a rich application experience to devices of all shapes and sizes, we've got you covered.

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As smart phones become more pervasive in the marketplace, customers are demanding more and more from their go-to devices. We can help you engage your customers on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone devices.

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Sometimes the web just doesn't cut it. For those projects that still demand the power of a desktop-class application, we're ready to deliver a great experience for both Windows and OS X.

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Making Ideas a Reality An iterative approach to development

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Great technology starts with a great idea. We take the time to fully understand the problem that you are trying to solve.

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There is no single technology or platform that meets the needs of every project. We research your industry before making suggestions on how best to proceed.

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The project is progressively decomposed into a set of easy to understand and testable features.

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Before starting development of any one feature, the project comes to life in storyboards, which allows us to explore design and interactivity before committing to code.

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We start by developing the most important features first and complete the work within a single iteration, which is 1-3 weeks long. Our testers are integrated with the team so thorough testing takes place here as well.

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At the end of every iteration we make the project available for feedback, offering increased flexibility and reprioritization. Feedback is incorporated into the backlog and integrated into future iterations.

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As soon as the project meets the required functionality, we recommend deploying it into production. This gets a solution in front of the stakeholders earlier and allows their feedback to be incorporated as the project continues to mature.

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Once a project has matured to the point where active development is no longer deemed necessary, we'll still be ready to spin up another iteration whenever its needed.

Who We Are

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Our Team

We are a small, integrated team of designers, developers, and testers who have a passion for great experiences. Members of the team have worked on a wide range of projects, from small brand sites to large-scale, high volume transactional services.

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We have a set of core values, including hard work, dedication, & integrity. We take them seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they are hard-coded into our vision statement. We pride ourselves of the work we do and will always be available for questions or support.

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Why Us

We're not the largest firm and to us, thats okay. Our biggest asset is our well-integrated team and a flat organizational structure. Everyone interacts directly with one another and is always up-to-date on all active projects. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive when faced with questions or challenges.

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